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50 Years in Business - Industrial & Scientific Imaging

Upstate Technical Equipment Co., Inc. has provided imaging products and systems to our industrial and research customers for 45 years.  We supply reliable, full featured systems for quality control, inspection, real-time recording and image analysis applications.   Our component products include cameras, frame grabbers, processing platforms, software, optics and illumination,.  Since we build systems, we have the experience necessary to provide helpful guidance and advice in the selection of components for your machine vision or image analysis system.  

As a system integrator and an image processing specialist, we provide both OEMs and end-users with application solutions and customized systems developed in our lab.  If you are looking for an independent company to provide sample evaluation for your machine vision, image processing or inspection system, please consider Upstate Technical Equipment.  Our Sales Engineer can review your application requirements and specify components that are not only complimentary to each other but also ensure that you meet or exceed your systems performance expectations.

We have had hundreds of satisfied customers and some have relied on us to meet their imaging needs for decades.  
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Featured Products

EonSens High Speed CMOS CoaXPress, Camera Link and GigE cameras.
RADIENT PCI-e 2.0 x8 CoaXPress frame grabbers.
MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 High Speed CMOS Camera. 1248 x 1082 @ 170fps with BASE Camera Link interface.
StreamPix8 DVR Software for single/multiple cameras. View, control and record from multiple cameras simultaneously.